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Technical Information · REAMERS 25 Tool MaTerial Carbide Tipped: Provides several of the advantages of solid carbide tooling at a reduced cost, especially for larger diameter tools. Cobalt: Possesses greater toughness, wear resistance and higher hardness than high speed steel. Very small amount of chipping or micro chipping under severe cutting conditions which allows the tool to run 10% faster than high speed steel. When at the correct angle and helix, cobalt would be the most cost-effective for machining cast iron, titanium alloys and heat-treated steels. High Speed Steel: Combines productivity and good tool life with minimal cost. Performs well in free cutting and carbon steels, as well as soft, non-ferrous materials such as bronze, brass, copper and aluminium. Solid Carbide: Carbide is able to run faster and withstand higher temperatures, while providing great wear resistance for high-performance applications. FluTe STyleS Helical Taper Pin: Especially designed for the shop producing taper-pin holes by machine reaming. Chips do not pack in the flutes due to the high-spiral construction. Spiral Flute: Design provides the finest hole finish for through-hole applications. Straight Flute: Most common type of reamer. 45° Chamfer angle to gently ease the reamer into the existing hole. In straight flutes, the chips are forced forward into the hole; therefore it should be used soley in through-hole applications. Straight Flute and Left Hand Spiral Taper Pin: Intended primarily for hand reaming, the best results are usually achieved if the hole to be reamed is drilled a few thousandths smaller than the small diameter of the finished-reamed hole. Taper Pin: Has a taper of 1/4" to the foot. Designed to ream holes where standard taper fins would fit. induSTry Sizing Dowel Pin: Assists the user in preparing a perfect hole for dowel pin insertion. Fractional: Standard fractional sizes: like 1/4" Letter: Standard letter sizes: like T Number: Standard number sizes: like #7 Over & Under: Comes in sizes 1/1000th inches below or above standard key sizes. Example: An oversize reamer measuring 0.2510" or undersize of 0.2490" are offered as alternatives to a 1/4" or 0.2500" reamer. The sizes will allow the user to create a looser or tighter hole than the standard fractional size. Special Decimal: All sizes outside of the standard letter, fractional, metric and wire sizes are covered. Manufactured in increments of 0.0010".
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