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24 REAMERS · Technical Information Reamers finish a hole to a specific size and tolerance or can enlarge a hole to a specific size. Types adjustable blade reamers: For hand resizing of drilled or bored holes to precise diameters. adjustable blades increase reaming capacity ball joint taper reamers: For deburring or enlarging tapered holes for tie-rod ends or ball joint studs. When using to fabricate new parts, it is recommended to drill holes as close to size as possible before reaming them. Handles can be removed. bridge reamers: Designed to enlarge and align holes for rivets. Primarily used in steel construction using I-beams. Shanks come in different styles for square-drive impact wrench sockets, drill presses and portable electric drills. chucking reamers: Created for usage in screw machines, lathes and drill presses. Most frequently used style for reaming holes to a tight tolerance. Comes in straight flute, LHS/LHC, RHS/RHC and expansion styles in jobber and standard lengths. construction taper reamers: Use to align holes prior to bolt or rivet installation. This design provides the finest hole finish. expansion reamers: Can be reground many times due to the nature of it being built with an adjustable screw to alter the size of the cutting head. Hand reamers: Contains a square at the end of the shank which allows the user to rotate the reamer with a standard tap wrench or an adjustable wrench, similar to a hand tap. Constructed with a tapered cutting head to assist the user in pushing the tool into the workpiece. pipe reamers: Commonly used to prepare a hole for tapping with a taper pipe tap. Constructed with a square end on the shank to assist the user in turning the reamer with a standard tap wrench or an adjustable wrench. repairman's reamers: Built for enlarging holes in sheet metal and for the removal of burrs in conduit and pipe. Handles can be removed. reamed Hole shell reamers: Similar to the cutting portion of a chucking reamer, and supplied without a shank. Taper shank arbor or straight shank is used in conjunction with the shell reamer, used as a complete cutting tool. taper car reamers: Used to align existing holes prior to bolt or rivet operations.
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