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Lamps · LIGHTING 1537 Lights lighting & electrical Features: Model #JF-WN18DB · Suited for machine, indoor and outdoor lighting. · Water resistant. · Cool lighting performance. · Acrylic outer tube. Model #JH-50FT · Flexible goose neck design. · Lighting reaches any direction. · Quartz halogen lamp design. · Provides vibration resistance performance. Model #JF-136LEB · Double lamp fluorescent light. · Ideal for task lighting of table tops. · Mounting clamp for easy installation. · Articulated arm. Model #JH-20FT · Engineering plastic shade and base provide complete insulation for maximum operator safety. · Goose neck arm for smooth lighting angle adjustment. For UsE WIth MoDEL # JF-WN18DB JH-50FT & JH20FT JF-136LEB orDEr # 99-002-666 99-002-668 99-002-675 PrIcE Each $24.59 17.39 24.09 LIghts MoDEL # IP67 rated light suitable for indoor, outdoor use JF-WN18DB IP54 rated flexible goose neck quartz halogen lamp JH-50FT IP54 rated double lamp fluorescent light JF-136LEB Flexible goose neck designed lamp JH-20FT DEscrIPtIon orDEr PrIcE # Each 99-002-610 $134.99 99-002-612 134.99 99-002-613 134.99 99-002-614 108.99 rEPLacEMEnt BULBs DEscrIPtIon 18W Replacement Bulb 20W Replacement Bulb 36W Replacement Bulb IP65 LED Worklight 210 Lumens Features: · Provides exceptionally high lighting efficiency, high intensity and low energy consumption. · One 3 watt LED bulb. · IP65 protection. · Special design for fast heat dissipation. · Flexible goose neck arm covered with sleeve. · Transformer built into base. · Fixed focus. MoDEL # 103FT orDEr # 99-002-616 PrIcE Each $99.99 Magnetic Base Lighting Unit Provides you with a lighting solution exactly where you need it aPPLICatIONs: Features: · Attaches quickly to machine or fixture. · Body size: 2" x 2" x 2-1/2" · Height: 9-3/4" MoDEL # ME-1 orDEr # 57-080-011 PrIcE Each $36.99 Mitutoyo - Made to Measure! See the full line of Mitutoyo measuring instruments starting on page 890.
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